Coasting to a Civil Street


Since I started the Civil Streets website, I’ve been doing my best to obey traffic lights on my bicycle. Sometimes it’s tedious, but not as often as you might think. 

I bike on the same streets and I know the traffic light cycles pretty well.  I can tell what the light is doing several hundred yards before I get to it.  This allows me to time the light just right.  So rather than be standing at the light waiting for it to change I hit every light perfectly.  

This coasting strategy can easily apply to car drivers too.  Speed is a key element in accidents.  See a red light ahead?  Just chill out and go as slow as you can.  You will turn your car in to a traffic calming device. save some gas, reduce your accident risk all at the same time.  

Do you have any civil street strategies? Please email them to me.  I will highlight the good ones on the blog.

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