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How do you communicate with people who are acting badly?

TweetI was counting bikes for Somerville a few weeks ago when I witnessed some pedestrian/ bike road rage. A bicyclist stopped at an all-way-walk signal and then proceeded through the intersection behind a pedestrian walking a dog in the crosswalk. … Continue reading

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Children are indicators of our streets health

TweetI am reading David Byrne’s bicycle diaries.  There’s a great quote attributed to Enrique Penalosa, former Mayor of Bogota: “One common measure of how clean a mountain stream is to look for trout.  If you find a trout, the habitat … Continue reading

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Smiles on the road

TweetA few months ago my girlfriend faced to quite different experiences in one day.  First a guy tried to run her off the road.  Then 30 seconds later cursed her out at a traffic light when she pulled up beside … Continue reading

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