Mexico City: Cycle Tracks & Bike Culture


I saw two types of very-low-cost cycle track barriers while I was in Mexico city.   The first is essentially a concrete molded form.  The second is the standard parking stop-bar made out of plastic. 


Both are bolted to the pavement.  With the addition of some plastic bollards to demark the lane in snowy weather, they are simple and low cost way to make a cycle track.


Mexico City also has a very popular bike-sharing system.  It’s brilliantly simple to use, but get your card (or arrange to borrow one as I did) before you get there.  There is no tourist pass.

Bike Culture


People who couldn’t afford a car have always biked in Mexico.  but now the majority of riders are  middle-class intelligentsia.  Below, a suit on a shared bike.


There are lots of women on bikes too.  Probably more than in the Boston area where I live.   With a relaxed cycling pace, no one needs a helmet.


To the left, a bike on a balcony in the trendy Condesa neigh-borhood.


An artsy bike rack on Avenida Insurgentes.

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