Speeding, Safety & Peace of Mind

I’ve been slowing down lately on my bike.  Surprisingly, I don’t think I’m actually losing much if any time getting where I need to go. 

The strategy is really pretty simple:  I generally have plenty of time to watch the signals ahead– my goal is to maintain a constant speed so that I don’t have to slow down, or speed up to make the light.  


You might wonder, doesn’t this mean speeding to catch the light? Yes, but only when I’m in a rush– which isn’t very often.  Generally, I’m slowing down.

Essentially my top speed is closer to my average. 

The real revolution would be if cars would only do this.  An essentially instead of going 30 MPH and then waiting at the light for two minutes, they could go 20 MPH and end up waiting a fraction of the time or not at all.

This speed modulation results in a calmer, saner street environment.

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