How do you communicate with people who are acting badly?

I was counting bikes for Somerville a few weeks ago when I witnessed some pedestrian/ bike road rage. A bicyclist stopped at an all-way-walk signal and then proceeded through the intersection behind a pedestrian walking a dog in the crosswalk. The pedestrian turned and screamed some thing to the effect of:

“you selfish, impatient piece of sh*t bicyclist, red-light-means stop…”

There was more than that. Real spitting anger.

Putting aside whether the cyclist did the wrong thing… or that the pedestrian over-reacted– what are some good ways to tell someone hey, you’re making me mad, you’re doing something dangerous, or giving a whole class of users a bad rap?

You could be responding to a car cutting you off, a pedestrian walking into the bike lane, or a bicyclist riding at night with out lights.

Crazy venting doesn’t do it for me. If any of you out in Cyber land have ideas, I’d love to see them in the comment field below.

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